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Reopening Strategy Series: Guidance for Ramping Up Operations

How To Use Data More Effectively in Your Reopening Strategy

Reopening Strategy Series


As we all visualize what we need to do to ramp back up operations there are still a lot more questions than answers. The upcoming series of communications is meant to be a thought-provoking guide of possible strategic initiatives and how to use data more effectively in your reopening strategy and decision making. There will be several follow up articles and best practice sessions that will dive into more detail on specific topics but the 2 main points of focus will be:


  • What Operational and Marketing initiatives to target as we reopen our casino
  • Key items to focus on while following Social Distancing guidelines



Social Distancing


Social Distancing and overarching public safety will drive nearly every decision operators make for the near term. As we have seen in Macau Casinos and other industries, we may be required to implement social distancing for customers returning to casinos. Here is what we know – we will have to run our businesses with the primary emphasis being safety – for guests AND employees.  Social distancing will be key and these are some likely requirements:

  • Shutting down every other slot machine
  • 3 customers max per table
  • Taking customers temperature with thermal scanners upon entry
  • More regular cleaning of machines and chips
  • Available disinfectant wipes and cleaners for customers to use
  • Maximum number of patrons allowed on property at a time


We do not know what Social Distancing initiatives we will be required to implement or how customers will react to being back in public settings, but we can begin to work through some possible scenarios now. Questions we have heard most often from our customers around Social Distancing:

  • How do we determine what games to open and why?
  • How can our Host team more effectively communicate with our customers and the rest of our Marketing Team?
  • Should we be doing gift giveaways and what players should be invited?
  • How do we ensure our customers feel safe?
  • How do we effectively balance the slot layout to meet distancing guidelines and drive the most revenue?
  • Should we add ETG’s to replace traditional table games?

Casino Reopening


No one knows exactly how operations will be allowed to open back up or how customers are going to respond as we open our doors. The best we can do is plan for multiple scenarios and ramp up timelines. No matter what opening scenario and timelines we end up executing we all know it will not be business as usual and using data to make decisions will become more important than ever. Questions we have heard from our customers most often:

  • How can our Host team more effectively communicate with and engage our VIP customers?
  • Should we be sending marketing offers and who should we be sending them to?
  • How should we evaluate players and how should we look at things like tier, ADT, and points?
  • How do you make players comfortable with cleanliness of the casino? How do they feel safe?

More Details & Best Practices: Ramping Up Operations


Request For Topics


As we cover topics of interest over the next several weeks please to reach out to your CSM and set up times to discuss the topics in more detail with our teams.


We also request you share any topics that you feel you would like to see an article published on in the future.

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