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VizExplorer's Chief Product Officer Reflects on a Year of Progress

Heading into a new year, Chief Product Officer, Kevin Lemieux, reflects on a productive year for VizExplorer


December 20, 2019 San Diego, CA 

By Kevin Lemieux, Chief Product Office, VizExplorer


About this time last year, I was a month into my role as Chief Product Officer at VizExplorer and had determined we had an exciting opportunity in front of us to leverage our core foundation and better serve our customers.  I was humbled by the talent and passion of the employees.  


The challenges we had included:


1) We had many interesting development projects in WIP (work in progress) - but had not shipped anything for too long.


2) Our products, while very effective when used to their potential, were geared to advanced users looking to explore vast amounts of data. As you may know, this required a steep learning curve. For some of our users, this meant plenty of time to dive deep into the data to explore valuable insights. For others, it was too complex.


3) Browser support for Adobe Flex was going to be dropped at the end of 2020


As the New Year’s ball dropped bringing in 2019, we had a lot of work in front of us.




Sitting here a year later - I am very proud and humbled at what we were able to accomplish.  Looking back the highlights include:


1) Team and processes


All great solutions start with a passionate and talented workforce.  To set up for a productive year we spent a lot of effort, in Q4 2018, laying the foundation to release great solutions each quarter. We did that with an increased focus on customer experience and quality products.  


Our Q1 deliverable (2019.1) was our first major advancement on this front.  The product and engineering team were excited that we were able to start releasing work (in some cases over 2 years worth of built upon work).  One of my favorite highlights from that release is our ability to eliminate long processes (for example: setting up new campaigns in campaignViz.) We completely changed the launch screen and reduced the workflow from several dozen to a few simple steps.




2) New offerings and experiences


As the year progressed we were ready to release our slot floor cannibalization solution, an add on to floorVizOps. In addition to cannibalization, we introduced our Post Forma functionality to campaignViz. This feature allows you to see your latest metrics by campaign...without the wait! It has a beautiful dashboard that will let you drill into your segments and the KPIs that matter most to you. Schedule a demo today.



To top off all of that, we released an entirely new product: Slot Recommendation Engine. The Slot Recommendation Engine product is a game-changer, quite literally. Built from the ground up and based on customer feedback (like our Post Forma), there is now a simple way to analyze your slot floor. Every morning you will be shown recommendations on how to improve your floor. We were thrilled when it was our most demo-ed product at G2E. To set up your demo, click here. A great reward to all the hard work and passion we put into all of our products.


Sharing all these new launches with clients and prospects at G2E this year was very exciting and the feedback was extremely positive. We are excited and looking forward to 2020!




3) Technology evolution


We are making excellent progress in transitioning off of the Flex platform.  In early 2020, we will be launching our first Desktop version of our solutions to go alongside our new experiences. This transition has already led to better performance for our customers. We cannot wait to get this into your hands! 


Wrapping up…


While we have a lot more to do in 2020 in Product and engineering, 2019 was an inflection point.  We have now changed our approach, leveraging our rich data platform. These improvements will lead us to deliver powerful and intuitive user experiences. As well as, lead with data that our customers can analyze and act on.


We hope you are excited as we are for 2020! In the meantime, enjoy your holidays with loved ones and friends.


Kevin Lemieux, Chief Product Officer

As Chief Product Officer, Kevin is responsible for overseeing Product, Development, and Testing at VizExplorer. Kevin has over 20 years of international experience leading and growing technical teams. His most recent leadership role was with Sophos as the Vice President of the Messaging Security Group.
 Originally from Canada, Kevin is married with 4 kids, each of whom were born in a different country. For hobbies, he enjoys tinkering with home automation and ballroom dancing.

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