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The Data of Guest Experience

How do you improve guest experience while at the same time improving profitability?

As slot manufacturers work to identify and deliver winning slot cabinets and slot themes to operators, the number of options a casino operator has from both a purchase and setup standpoint has grown dramatically in the last few years. Every year, casino operators have dozens of potential new cabinets and hundreds of new themes to choose from, and the reality is that capital for these decisions is heavily scrutinized. Internally, casino operators must also balance their available capital against all the changes they need to make, knowing full well that they will not be able to make every needed change. This environment creates a situation where operators must turn to deeper and more strategic-level data to truly assess their best opportunities.

Underlying all these opportunities is the question of how to improve the guest experience while also improving the casino’s profitability. By looking at advanced slot data and targeted player data, an operator can start to understand why some games work on their floor while others don’t. This gives reason to consider what strategies they can employ to aid struggling games and identify new games that have the best chance of success on the floor.

Traditional slot metrics, including Theo Win per Day, Occupancy/Utilization, Average Bet and Theo Hold Percent, are critical to helping operators understand their games. The majority of casino operators use them in various combinations to identify games for removal, relocation or reconfiguration. While these metrics provide a good basis for analysis, they fail to capture a key element of slot performance: guest experience. Traditional metrics focus on outcome and leave out the critical component of how that outcome was reached.

Read the full article at GGB News (originally published October 2018)

Jordan Whitten

Based in Las Vegas, Jordan Whitten is the Director of Solutions Engineering for VizExplorer. In this capacity, he oversees all aspects of the Solutions Engineering team focusing on driving high-quality engagements with VizExplorer Clients by aligning products and services to the customer’s business requirements. He is an advanced-level user and subject-matter expert for the VizExplorer product suite having worked with over 80 properties worldwide ranging in size from less than 300 to over 4,500 slot machines. Jordan spent his formative gaming years in the slot operations departments of casinos in Colorado, Nevada, and Mississippi. It is there where he developed his interest and expertise in slot analytics, location optimization, and strategic game mix decision-making. Jordan received his MBA from Mississippi State University.

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