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Hyper Segmentation for Player Development

Given the success of segmentation in database marketing, VizExplorer's Mick Ingersoll asks why similar methods are not being applied to player development.

Database marketing is a monster. With a myriad of intricacies, the strategies within can be overwhelming to those outside of the gaming world. They can even be overwhelming to those inside the gaming world who don’t have experience in that department. It’s an ever-evolving science that provides a tremendous value to any casino. It’s a practice that generates millions in annual revenue. It rewards loyalty and drives trip frequency. It’s brilliant. Why then, do we not apply the experience we’ve gleaned from our successes in database marketing to player development and hyper-segment each host book?

It’s imperative that the Host team and the database teams work in tandem as each player book is essentially a micro casino. If an ADT threshold is set at $500 to be eligible for coding, we acknowledge that there are many players who are at that minimum; however, there are also a number of players who have a substantially higher daily worth and a bulk of the hosted group is somewhere in the middle. Hyper-segmentation is the key to adequately serving these segments with the host book and using information that already exists within the database as leverage to increase wallet and time share.

Database incorporates battle zone marketing to aggressively increase market share from competitors on a grand scale. From the player development perspective, the same practices can be directly applied to a highly targeted player segment. Hosts can continue to segment this player group to identify opportunities within a coded group of players. Think of a unique game that your property has for which your VIP players have a preference. In some markets, this could even be as simple as having table games as an option. How far away is the next property that offers that same game? Which players are equidistant between your property and them? The host team has a need to pay special attention to this band of players and entice them to the property. At this point, from the player’s perspective, it comes down to the guest experience they have at your property. Same travel time. Same game experience. Different host relationship.

Read the full article at GGB News (originally published January 2017)

Mick Ingersoll

With 13 years of Player Development and VIP Marketing experience, including nine years at Penn National Gaming, Mick Ingersoll joined VizExplorer as an Industry Specialist in 2015. In this role, he developed and manages Best Practices Training for hostViz™ and is VizExplorer's Player Development Consultant. An early adopter of new technology, Mick aims to apply technology advancements from other industries to Player Development and to transform Hosting from a Customer Service position into a Hospitality Sales and Account Management function. Mick resides in Las Vegas, but escapes the desert heat to pursue his passion for skiing, which he has now done in 17 countries (and counting).

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