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VizExplorer® CashInsite™ with Everi IQ™ Wins Prestigious Industry Award

G&L Roundtable honors VizExplorer with Transformation Award

October 16, 2017, San Diego, CA – VizExplorer, a leading provider of operational intelligence solutions for the gaming industry, today announced that it is the recipient of the Transformation Award in the 2017 G&L Gaming & Hospitality Industry Awards for its CashInsite™ with Everi IQ™ solution. This represents VizExplorer’s third G&L Industry Award; a distinction shared by only two other companies.

The Transformation Award is presented to the company that has dramatically changed the gaming and hospitality industry’s technology landscape in the area of interoperabi

lity, among other evaluated criteria by the G&L Board and Roundtable Collea

gues. An innovative solution from VizExplorer and its partner Everi Payments, CashInsite with Everi IQ merges multiple data sources to provide operators with advanced transaction analysis to inform marketing promotions that drive player loyalty.


The award winning solution provides casino marketers with unique insights related to their player loyalty and financial transaction behavior at their properties. With access to transactional data from Everi Payments resulting in an Everi IQ score, VizExplorer CashInsite helps operators to better understand player loyalty and spend behavior through scoring and segmentation based on transactional history.

"We’re extremely proud to be honored by the G&L Roundtable with the Transformation Award for CashInsite™ with Everi IQ™. It confirms that our product vision aligns with what operators need most: cooperation among vendors to help answer their most challenging business questions,” said Andrew Cardno, CTO & Founder, VizExplorer. CashInsite™ will give casinos brand new insights into player loyalty habits, and VizExplorer is thrilled to be acknowledged as a company changing our industry's technology landscape.”

“Everi is excited to be able to leverage our industry leading transactional data with VizExplorer’s robust marketing solution. The transformation of our transactional data into an Everi IQ™ score, a first of its kind marketing metric, will absolutely help our customers better segment their marketing efforts, ultimately leading to more loyal players.” said Tim Richards, SVP, Payments Innovations, Everi Payments.

CashInsite has been installed on a trial basis at a VizExplorer customer site, and other casinos are invited to be among the first properties to add the groundbreaking new solution.

The annual G&L Gaming & Hospitality Industry Awards were presented in four categories at the 2017 G&L Roundtable Reception Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada. The winners were selected by a panel of industry judges representing the vast majority of all gaming technology spend in North America.

About VizExplorer

VizExplorer offers operational intelligence (OI) solutions to the gaming industry. The next generation in data-driven decision making, OI lets businesses analyze live, fast-changing data and take immediate action using a single toolset. VizExplorer’s applications and tools help enterprises address smart space and profit optimization, marketing campaign management, CRM and customer service, and service and dispatch management. VizExplorer is led by a team of distinguished OI experts, seasoned industry veterans and world class software developers devoted to building the very best products backed by extraordinary support. VizExplorer is headquartered in San Diego, with offices in Las Vegas and Wellington, New Zealand.


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