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VizExplorer delivers intelligent data insights for Australasia

Fivos Polymniou explains how VizExplorer is breaking new ground with its open technological ecosystem.

As VizExplorer gets set to display its range of solutions for the Australasian market at this August’s AGE, Fivos Polymniou, the firm’s head of International Sales, explains how the company is breaking new ground with its open technological ecosystem.

International Casino Review: With a number of Casino Management Systems on the market, what makes VizExplorer’s solutions stand out from the crowd?

Fivos Polymniou:VizExplorer provides an operational intelligence platform that integrates multiple disparate data sources (casino management systems included) and overlays a sophisticated set of solutions that deliver intelligent data insights from across the entire gaming operation, and tools to enable real-time data-driven decision-making by stakeholders in every department. Our solutions are also unique in that they form an open ecosystem of technologies that provide capabilities highly sought after by casino operators today, including gaming floor optimisation, marketing automation and intelligence, sales enablement for advanced player development, and smart technical and customer service automation.

ICR: Could you give a run-through of some of the key solutions in your product portfolio and what they can bring to a casino venue?

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