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VizExplorer Customer Success Explained

Learn about the personal journey the VizExplorer Customer Success Team takes to ensure each casino's success.

Have you ever tried to assemble IKEA furniture and felt like you were being asked to learn a new programming language??

Assembling IKEA furniture (and learning to code, for that matter) may be easy for some of you. I usually have a screw, a spring or something else left over and my approach is to fervently hope that it’s not an important piece. My point is that there’s a huge gap between carrying those IKEA boxes out of the warehouse and having a completely assembled piece I can enjoy, and that gap can only be filled with effort, time, and patience.

In this post, I will explain the role of VizExplorer’s Customer Success team, and how we empower you with the skills to assemble any piece of furniture.

My Customer Success team takes a 3-phased approach help you close the gap. We call this process our ABCs, i.e., Adoption, Best Practices and Create Successes.


Who likes change? For most people, change can be a painful process. You have done your jobs the same way for years and you’re good at it. You may resist to having to learn new software that will fundamentally change how you work.

I recently upgraded my computer’s operating system and felt like it took me twice as long to get things done. In the past, we found that some customers were not using our updated products and started wondering why that was the case when there was so much new functionality available. The Customer Success team was created in response to this problem, with the stated goal of helping you fully adopt the solution to maximize your investment in our software.

This is where our journey begins. Our team works hand-in-hand with you to transition you work to our new software. We engage you weekly on calls during which we walk you through all the steps until you can do all your work throughout the month using our products.


blog_images_best_practices_1.jpgBest Practices
Next up are the Best Practices––a five-part series taught by Industry Specialists with decades in gaming and professional expertise with our software. In Best Practices, we offer customer case studies and teach you the precise ways others used our products to make money and save time.

We realize that we’ve asked you to adopt a new way of working. Some customers have told us that they feel like Cessna pilots in shiny new fighter jets, so we take very seriously our responsibility to teach you to fly these sophisticated machines. Using Best Practices, we get you comfortable and we give you the tools to take your knowledge of how to best leverage our software to the next level.

With our Industry Specialists’ guidance, you become Super Users, and we build a partnership with each customer to give you a competitive edge.



blog_images_create_success.jpgCreate Successes

The final step in our journey is to work with you to help you Create Successes for your casino. We realize that the main reason your property invested in VizExplorer was to increase profitability, and we consider it our responsibility to support you until you start to see these results.

At the end of the previous step, Best Practices, you’re usually starting to see the positive results that come with using our software. In this final step, we collaborate with you to identify those gains, and teach you how to measure them accurately. And it doesn’t end there. We also deliver a complete package that covers the products you received, what you learned, recommendations we shared and your measurable successes–all in a format that can be shared or used repeatedly as a template.


To sum up the journey: VizExplorer’s  Customer Success team coaches you through software adoption, our Industry Specialists mentor you  with Best Practices, and we collaborate to ensure your success and give you the tools to do it again. It would be fair to ask: do the ABCs work for all kinds of customers? The answer is a resounding yes! From the novice to the most advanced, and from small to very large casinos, we have helped many different customers accomplish huge gains in terms of their marketing, sales, player development and gaming operations.

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