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Developing Your Marketing Team

by Julia Carcamo, courtesy of Casino Journal

Among the many things business leaders need to do such as developing revenue pipelines and ensuring the future of the operations, perhaps the biggest piece of the puzzle could be developing a marketing team that will continue to be engaged and productive.

Finding this great talent could possibly be one of the hardest things to do, particularly if you’re a smaller and/or growing business. According to Wasp Barcode Technologies, 50 percent of small business owners point to the hiring of new employees as their top challenge in 2017, and 29 percent say hiring new employees is a top strategy for revenue growth.

Yet, when we look at additional research by the Creative Group, only 12 percent of marketing and advertising executives plan to add new positions; and 20 percent do not plan to fill vacated positions. It’s the perfect storm of needing the staff, but being constrained in the ability to fill those roles. Therefore, it makes sense to conclude that you must hire the right person and invest in their ability if you are to grow your business.

Read the rest on Casino Journal, include tried and tested tips from VizExplorer's own Director of Industry Specialists Trent Dang for hiring and developing a strong marketing team.


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