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Why You Need Operational Intelligence To Compete For The Entertainment Dollar

Why You Need Operational Intelligence To Compete For The Entertainment Dollar

Operational Intelligence in The Smart Casino

The massive technology change of the last 10 years is focused on the smart phone, quite simply people today are connected and constantly in touch with the world. The next adoption cycle for the consumer is to control the things we interact with and bring together data from across operations; this includes everything from traditional gaming systems to hotel check-in to valet. This massive shift of collecting data from everything takes traditional back office business intelligence (BI) into the front office operational intelligence (OI), turning BI into Oi.

In the smart casino the entire operation is continuously connected, streaming data and communications to enable the facility to act in a coordinated and consistent way. This constant stream of data transforms the front office staff into well informed information driven teams. From player development to slots and marketing Oi powers teams who have in their hands the data and the tools to enable the smart casino experience.

In the smart casino we not only know about the team members we also know about customers. We know about their arrival, their hotel check-in, we know about their movement on the gaming floor, we understand their entertainment behavior, we know about who dealt for them last time and we understand their gaming wallet.

Five Reasons to Attend the Webinar

Reason One: Come and hear about the mega trends facing the industry and how this move to operational intelligence is a strategic need for the industry. As the entertainment industry continues to grow it is critical that we adapt to new mega trends and new technologies. This webinar will talk about what operational intelligence is, how it impacts the different departments in a casino, and how you need to plan and think about new technologies that will drive this change.

Reason Two: Brian Decorah and Andrew Cardno will share examples of operational intelligence, as well as answer your questions and address how operational intelligence is relevant to you and your business. If you have a burning question or you are just curious about your needs for operational intelligence, now is the time to come and hear a live response.

Reason Three: This is the first of a five-part series where we will dig deep into the vision of Oi and how it impacts all areas of the gaming operations. At VizExplorer we are an education focused company and we are proud of how we are building out this in-depth series. Attending this first webinar is critical to understanding operational intelligence and will form the building blocks for each of the following four-part webinar series.

Reason Four: Brian Decorah is bringing his team, so you will hear firsthand from the front line operators how they see this shift in the industry. Having and executive team sharing their ideas and vision on how they are applying operational intelligence.

Reason Five: Did I say it is free, where else can you get quality innovative ideas and instruction for free. Take an hour, participate and enjoy this special event.


Presenters: Brian Decorah President and CEO of Firekeepers Casino and Hotel + Andrew Cardno CTO and Founder of VizExplorer

Who should attend: Marketing/Slots/Tables/Hotel/FnB/IT/Senior Management

When: April 6th, 2016, 1:00 - 2:00 PM PST


Cost: Free

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