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Hey, Can I Get Some Service Here?

Hey, Can I Get Some Service Here?

I bet that we all have said, or thought this, many, many times in our lives. But in the casino industry, hearing this said by one of your VIP’s can be devastating to the casino’s bottom line. Good service is not acceptable, only outstanding service will drive loyalty and revenue.

As a Casino Host, your success component is to consistently provide outstanding customer service to your players. You are there at their beck and call. It may mean taking a call from a VIP on your day off or, that you have to stop on the way to work to grab a box of their favorite candy so that it is in their hotel room upon arrival. It is taking your own socks off to give them to a player that forgot to bring their own and didn’t want to go sockless on New Year’s Eve (yes, this really happened). Okay, that may sound extreme, but you should keep an extra pair of new socks in your drawer just in case. But how do you keep all the other facts about your players in your head? You can’t if you have hundreds of players coded to you. However, by utilizing the Preference Tab in VizExplorer’s hostViz application, you can record special notes for each player as you get to know them. Items such as “likes golf”, “likes dark chocolate covered almonds”, “invite to slot tournaments”…well the list goes on and on. Get the picture? Outstanding service is everything and your job as a host is to be the very best at providing it. Period. It all falls on you, with a little help from hostViz.

This is Janie Hart, Senior Industry Specialist with VizExplorer signing off until next time. Check out our suite of products at and make it a great and productive day!

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